New Dawn Logistics Co.,Ltd

About Us

New Dawn logistics Co Ltd is formed in 2020. Our primary activities are domestic transportation throughout Myanmar with over 50 prime mover and boxer truck. Our New Dawn Logistics committed to comply with Timely transportation, No damage cargo and road safety

Our New Dawn Logistics Company is one of the partner of Win Brother Group Company Limited.

We can service transportation for the whole country in Myanmar. As a company, we can provide fuel vehicles, CO2 boxer truck & 22 wheel trucks are being used in transportation in Myanmar.

We was also worked with Myanmar Brewery Company Ltd, Mandalay Beverages Enterprise Company Ltd, SMP Company Ltd, Taungyi Grain Company Ltd and Seagram Myanmar

Our Products and Services

Our trucks are constantly monitored with GPS system 24 hours.

Our goal is to produce the best transportation and service.

Our target is safety first for yours goods, peoples and trucks.


地址: 17 号,81 条和 82 条中间,22 条街,PalaeNgweYaung 区,Aung MyayTharZan 镇, 曼德勒。
电话: +959 9765473089 , +959 9765470878