About Us

Win Brothers Group of Co., Ltd is one of the most dynamic conglomerates in Myanmar. The company was established in 1990 by Win family in Mandalay. Win Brothers Group integrated operations have diversified into strategic sectors such as Alcoholic Beverages Products, Industrial Gas, Agriculture, Sugar, Building Material, Mining and Distribution. Our approach for sustainability is delivered by our commitment to implement the appropriate policies, practices, products, and programs towards optimum success. Having more than twenty years business experience in Myanmar’s economic landscape, the company is well positioned to lead the continued growth of Myanmar.

About Us
Our Vision

To be the one of the top performing and an inspiration of Myanmar.

Our Mission

Performance base, by way of execution in delivering optimal results for partners, employees and customers.

Our Core Value


Holding ourselves accountable for customers, employees and partners


We act with high integrity, enthusiasm and resolve.


Result driven and the ability to adapt, improve and met the expectation of customers, employees and partners