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Shwe Myin Pyan Distillery

Shwe Myin Pyan Distillery was established in 1990 for the distillery industry and today the largest producer in Myanmar. We specialized in manufacturing of GNS (Grain Neutral Spirits) and ENA (Extra Neutral Spirits) which is produced from raw materials such as yellow corn, broken rice and molasses by fermentation and distillation processes. DDG, a byproduct of distillery is used as a livestock feed in Myanmar.

Office Information

Distillery Address    : No. A-5/4, Industrial Zone -1, Pyi Gyi Tagon Township, Mandalay.

Distillery Phone       : +959977116612

Distillery E mail       :


Aging is undertaken in U.S. Oak and Myanmar’s Yamanay barrels selected for its unique aromatics which impart a smoky, wood flavor. By importing oak barrels from America for Whisky and Myanmar’s Yamanay barrel for Rum. The age and quality of US Oak and Yamanay are meticulously cooperage in the city of Mandalay. Applying the valuable design and techniques from the legendary Jim Swan to optimize consistency of climate within the warehouse combined with precise position within the warehouse where the cask are aged for the most precious flavors for whisky. Supply of age Whisky and age Rum to the leading brands in Myanmar. The aging process is artistic and extensive for the finest flavor, smoothness and consistency.

Office Information

Aging Address    : Palate, Sintgaing Township, Kyaukse District, Mandalay

Aging Phone       : +959253329899

Aging E mail       :


Production, sales and distribution of country liquor and rum began in 1994. By perfecting the blend using only the finest organic ingredients become hallmark of every bottle. Having 3 production units and 10 sales units across Myanmar to effectively sell the Rum, White Liquor, Organic Flavor Liquor and Carbonated Liquor.

Office Information

Bottling Address    : Corner of 86th & 18th Street, Aung Myay Thar Zan Township, Mandalay

Bottling Phone       : +9592053116

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